The purchase of a company is not in itself a very complex thing, especially if it is a small or medium enterprise . An enterprise can be considered small, or medium ( SMEs ), should match the specific requirements falling within the limits employment and financial well-set. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to buy a small business .

Small and medium sized companies behave in a completely different way than large companies, are generally not consist of more members and funders, and have one and only one owner. In the specific case the purchase will agreed with it, while in the case of multiple partners or shareholders who have ownership rights over the company, will rest on the consent and signature of both.

will define small business company that does not exceed the number of 50 employees, a reality that is very common in Italian territory. In addition, the annual turnover or the total of ‘asset side of the balance sheet, must not exceed the maximum threshold established by 10 million euro per year. Under these parameters (10 employees and maximum threshold of € 2 million per year), it is called “micro-enterprise”, while companies that exceed these figures will be place able in what are commonly defined medium enterprises.


However, in the case of multiple partners and in the presence of shareholders, you will reach the absolute majority required for a decision to sell the same and its signature The signature of the parties shall be entered in the sales contract which will be regularly drawn up by a notary, in the presence of any legal representatives of the two parties and / or the parties themselves: seller and buyer. Anyway, you will need to operate to its lawyers, the appropriate checks regarding the state of health capital of the company, in order to become aware of any issues that may be of a remediable or not is much easier to purchase a small business in which, between individuals, the relative price will be agreed and the sale of the walls and licensed Even in this case.

However, it will be a good idea to get information about the state of economic health of the seller, do not forget that if they experience bankruptcy cases and fines on the part of one or more creditors, entrepreneurial activity purchased, will become part of the goods will be confiscated and sold at auction and shared among the various creditors in the crisis period, detect a small or medium, can be a good deal, but must pay attention to its risks.