A big house or small? How to cash or credit? When looking for a home there are always questions, so should have a little guide to buying a home.

Buying a home is the dream of many and may represent the investment of savings made a lot of work, so before signing the contract and the deposit must take into account various factors to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.


Payment of housing

The payment is one of the first issues to consider, as it will be the first selection filter. The two most commonly used forms of payment are:

* Payment or deposit in a single exhibition. Perhaps the preferred payment method for most, but you can not always take place. The benefits it presents is the immediacy with which the property is obtained as a whole, to avoid making payments for long periods of time and generating interest for the delay in these payments. The problem with this type of payment is that it takes a lot of money available at the time of purchase.
* Bank credit. It is one of the most common ways to buy a home. The benefits of purchasing this system is that it establishes a number of payments for a specified time, you can negotiate adequate insurance at the time of purchase and establishing the exact payment amount. The cons of this type of purchase is that late payments can lead to a bad credit history, the property is not really from whom the purchase until you pay off the bank in case of late payment interest can be generated seriously affect the household economy and in the worst case, if the buyer can not keep paying, you may lose the house and the money given.

Before deciding on a payment system, it would be advisable to seek legal and accounting advice to review the possibility of payment that has tax benefits and clarify any doubts in the contracts are signed.

Property Location

The place where the house is located has a lot to do with the price as best area to higher prices. In this sense we should consider to meet family needs, so that if you have school-age children or requiring a certain type of care you may need a house closer to the buildings, besides considering the centers where adults work, in order that the transfer or gasoline expenses are not excessive.another of the issues that most affect on housing prices is safety, so before buying a home should investigate the existence of crime or frequency of natural disasters in the area to which you should always ask neighbors of the house they visit.

Household Size

The size of the new housing should always meet the needs of the family without exceeding the limit on expenses, here we must consider not only the cost of basic services such as gas, water, electricity and telephone, it is also necessary to consider the costs cleaning the house, the cost of maintaining the gardens or pools, and cleaning personnel costs, if applicable.

Repair costs in the home

Regarding repairs should always be taken into account that a house is a very low price but it requires a lot of arrangements in the long run can be much more expensive than a new house in perfect condition.To avoid buying a house that is in poor condition it is advisable to hire an architect or contractor, and they can give an accurate assessment and without any bias on the situation of the building and repair costs for his substance missing, so add that amount to the cost of selling the house and consider whether it is a good investment or not.

Home insurance

Regardless of the location, size or safety that the house could present at the time of purchase, you should always consider hiring a insurance to avoid total or partial loss of goods by some unfortunate event.

The insurance is purchased to protect against:

* Damage caused by third party liability. In this case, protection may be achieved by theft of movable property (televisions, stereos) or damage to the home (shocks, affected by fallen trees belonging to neighbors) in order to avoid losing some or all of because of third party assets.
* Damage caused by natural disasters. While you should always find a home that is in a secure and safe from natural disasters, it is also true that economic opportunities are not always allow the nature and sometimes attacks where least expected, so a such insurance can be the difference between staying with nothing and be able to recover a portion of the estate.
* Damage to third parties. Often called “Liability Insurance”Acts in reverse to that mentioned in the first point, since this protects others from harm we may cause neighboring homes, such as damage repair.

To find the insurance that best suits the needs and economic possibilities cover is advisable to visit several insurance companies to meet and compare costs and benefits, and to ensure their legal establishment. You can even ask for some legal advice to government institutions, in the case of Mexico, the Condusef.

Housing is a major investment

Buying a home is an investment, so care must be taken to ensure that this investment is well made and constitute a contribution to the family property and not a fruitless expenditure, which can only be achieved by analyzing every detail of the cost involved so conscious.