Certain business structures (especially large or medium-sized), often require figures engaged to perform certain basic activities, such as calculation of pay for employees and aspects related to the contributions payable. To access this peculiar profession , you must be in possession of certain requirements (which will allow to play the role properly). Below, I will show how to become responsible for payroll and contributions, employed by a company, or if you prefer, independently.

The first requirement must undoubtedly consists of the qualifications of the candidate. The latter fact, must be in possession of a university degree at least three years (first degree), preferably acquired in the economic or legal person (economics or law).

Not all companies, however, ask the candidate the possession of a university degree. Some of them in fact, proceed directly to the hiring of personnel able to prove their experience in the commercial sector (eg long-term employees at accountants), or otherwise subject landowners a diploma in business.


Regardless of the level of education acquired, to access employment (and thus be assumed), you must have ferrite knowledge of general accounting experience and good practice in the field (the vast majority of companies, the candidate will submit a trial period, in order to assess its potential in practice).

In addition to the normal duties outlined above, the manager must be able to calculate the various items relating to the position of workers (deductions, overtime performed, and so on), while having the burden of bookkeeping, regarding wages of employees .

It is clear that the importance and distinctiveness of the activity by management, involves a study on their part and a constant update of the discipline of labor law, trade union law, private and administrative (matters subject to continuous development).

Remember, finally, that the profession above can also be performed independently as a consultant to work (if you boast extensive experience), proceeding to its inscription.