The marketing manager is one of the most influential figures of the big companies : it is made ​​of the reference person of a company that monitors the markets and their relative demand. The marketing manager is plasma following a well-defined process of study but also must acquire much practical experience. Today it is a much sought after professional. If your goal is to be a great marketing manager, here I am giving you some helpful hints on how to accomplish your goal.

First it is necessary to clarify what is MARKETING . Marketing comes from English and is literally the “active participation in the market,” marketing is studied in practice by companies to understand market trends in order to subsequently “put on the market” their products and / or services. Through marketing surveys companies can in fact deal with possible customers and try to meet their needs, study your competition in order to become as competitive as possible, both through the product that is offered, either through the price, by means of appropriate advertising.


Market research, analysis of market trends and last but not least the decisions to be taken on the floor of marketing that has been created as well as interactions with other areas of the company, are the functions performed by a single figure: the marketing manager . In addition to analyzing and studying the relationship of the market with potential users, the marketing manager must also have strong skills in order to arrange creative communication plan of the enterprise sector under his care.

Marketing is therefore a branch of the economy and to become marketing managers, it is appropriate to undertake a university course that leads to the attainment of such a degree in marketing that belongs to the Master of Science in Economics, alternatively you can subscribe to Science communication and follow a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations .

Upon completion of the degree course is essential practical experience in the field: internships and training seminars are very important and are the first step to travel to take on the world of work. It is good to keep in mind that the period of training and apprenticeship is very long and the steps to ascend the steps are many and tiring. You start by becoming a marketing assistant and soon after product manager directly involved in the product. Then you become a brand manager that is the one who is studying how to enhance the brand and then the enterprise.

Only after completing this puzzle and then put all the pieces together training, you become a marketing manager. In this field it is very important to have strong entrepreneurial skills, but you should also never to be lacking capacity for analysis and synthesis, determination, creativity, excellent skills for teamwork and last but not least good knowledge of the English language.