In times of crisis, have come to the fore a number of cases in which banking has clearly abused the small savers. Should be alert.

Until recently, small savers have complete confidence in the figure of the director of the bank branch of your life, or some other trusted employee of the place that has long advised. However, after the advent of the great crises that no end can not stop jumping to the fore in the media abusive cases in which investors feel cheated by those who until then had given them good advice.

All events of this court to appear in the press have in common that the bank has not jumped the law, indeed, but pressed or clearly abused clients who know the financial system, elderly retirees willing to believe good words, etc. On the recommendation of the box, some old have invested in the Nikkei index without having been spoken of the risk of the operation, there are many dubious affected by the subordinated debt of La Caixa, the abominable voting shares of the CAM, etc. Who has not heard testimony from 80 years old who can not withdraw his own 10 years later, in the hypothetical case that still alive? And we all have family and friends who have purchased financial products that did not need and demand had not been raised, that one day we have lost count 1000 or 2000 euros at once. With the times!


Beware of bank employees

Without wishing to excuse those bank employees who have pushed their customers to ruinous deals, note that they are under more pressure than ever. Revenues fall because banks are giving few mortgage delinquencies have serious problems, interest rates are low so that the margins have narrowed, and so on. And in some cases there are terrible holes that threaten the survival of the bank.

So, the managers put more pressure than ever to their workers. They have gone from monthly to weekly targets, and sometimes pushing them to sell real frauds, such as Guaranteed Investment Funds designed to collect various commissions of all kinds, but they just cost effectiveness. Many of them are aware of what they do, but lack of ethics and scruples, and hide behind excuses cheap style “I’m doing my job”, “first save myself”, or the hideous obedience was heard both in Nuremberg .

Advice and recommendations to avoid being ripped off by banks

There are some small guidelines that should always take into account before authorizing any operation:

# Do not invest without being sure of the possibilities of losing money. If you do not understand exactly what is done with the savings, you better keep still.
# Do not give your consent for any operation immediately. By listening to the offers that have a bank does not hurt, but do not rush to say yes. If anything sounds interesting, I think that answer, and whether they come back another day.
# The greater the potential gains, the harder it is to recover the money. If you have more than 4%, there are usually plenty of opportunities to lose. If the amount is exorbitant, it is more likely that the ruin is complete. To cite one example, New Rumasa, the company of Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos, offered a whopping 8% annual return on its bonds guaranteed (for 50,000 euros earned 3,280 euros), but of course, the results were shocking.
# It should always ask for a review outside the bank understood that some will not win anything with the operation. The more or less available to the economist’s nephew, the neighbor who works for another bank, etc.