Once you have built your small business , you need to be sure that the outside no one will endanger your business making you fall into common traps but unexpected by every entrepreneur . Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made ​​by the owners of the business and then some ways to avoid the failure of a business.

Do not advertise and disseminate in the network between the more likely people will buy the product or service. Even if you think you have the best product or service to sell after the invention of the “sliced ​​bread”, the potential buyers do not need to know. You must first define the market, then design your advertising to reach your goal in the most efficient manner. As a general rule, in case of a sale of a service, the network is much more efficient than normal advertising .

If your company seeks to challenge the competition, you spend most of your time to improve the product or service to your potential customers . However, we must also be willing to “jettison” some customers if they could procure a loss, because too often business owners do everything they can to make every customer happy, regardless of profitability. At the end of the day, your goal should be to make a profit.


With the growth of profits, it is natural to invest in activities for future growth When your business begins to grow, there will be a time when there are not enough hours in a day to do it all yourself, then take the part-time employees or full-time becomes almost a requirement in this case. If your company has started to run out of space, the addition of new premises should be taken seriously if you want to increase the activity.

Specialized assistance, such as an accountant, not only will help you stay ahead of the IRS, but they will provide guidelines for operation, day to day of your business. In addition, you will find useful to have an attorney on board will be critical to decrease the likelihood of legal action against you. If you are about to go into business, a good banker will give you some useful tips about your intent to.

Make sure your business complies with local laws. Some provinces are autonomous governed by different laws than those of other regions or provinces in an ordinary statute . Some of these require a special license, while others restrict the percentage of your room that can be used for commercial purposes. There are provinces that do not allow suppliers and customers to do business in your own home, while others prohibit any type of signage that will help your business.