The term legal aid means the benefit of free legal assistance for people who are not financially in a position to bear the costs of the proceedings . He based on Article 24 of the Constitution, with the paragraph 1 reaffirms the right of everyone to go to court to protect their rights and interests, with paragraph 3, points out that people are not poor have a right to be protected from certain institutions, giving them the means to defend themselves. But let’s see how to apply for legal aid.

It should be said that legal aid is recognized as entitled to Italian citizens, foreigners legally residing in the national territory to stateless persons, bodies or associations that have not-for-profit and not engaged in economic activity. The request may be made ​​at any stage of the process and is valid for all the successive stages of the proceedings. Keep in mind that you will have no right to use the benefit of legal aid to appeal the judgment if result unsuccessful.


The application for this benefit in the civil field you will need to submit, on plain paper at the Secretariat of the Council of the Order of Advocates, in the place where the headquarters of the judge who will be in charge of your process, or at the office where they will be discussed possible remedies such as the Supreme Court, the Court of Auditors or the State Council . I suggest you use the modules for the request, available from the Secretariat of the Council of the Bar, to avoid errors and omissions that could affect the outcome of your prayer.

You will need to submit a claim stating your personal details ie name, surname, date and place of birth, residence, your social security number and that of your family members living together, the extremes identified the process for which you need for free legal assistance , the date hearing, the personal data of the counterpart, a self-certification stating your total income (recently prompted the presentation ISEE), your a statement intended to communicate any changes in your income and the details of any tests that can facilitate your claim. Remember that the lack of even one of these information will make your application inadmissible. I remind you that this benefit is currently given only to those whose income does not exceed the amount of 10766.33. You attach anything to your supplication, outside the photocopy of your identity document valid, unless you are a non-EU citizen, in this case, you must also include a signed certification of your Consulate.

You will need to personally present the request, or it can be delivered by your defender but will have to authenticate your signature. Wishing You can also send the by registered mail with return receipt.