Entrepreneurs wishing to invest in order to improve security in the workplace and may apply for the incentives . As established by DI 69/2013 can apply for the purpose of requiring a soft loan for the purchase of capital goods which to implement restructuring, acquisition aimed at improving the safety of places of work, the workers’ health and reduce accident while on the job. But let’s see, with this guide, how to apply for incentives to improve the security of an enterprise.

You must know that it is the National Institute against injuries , better known as Inail, which funds capital costs relating to projects to improve the safety of the workplace. You can access these grants only if it appears regularly inscribed, both as a company that individual company, at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture. Keep in mind, also, that in order to acquire the right incentives, your business must be located in the country and have not already used previously. The facility includes a grant equal to 65% of costs incurred and properly documented, necessary to implement the proposed improvements, amounting to a minimum of 5,000 and maximum of € 130,000.


I remind you that the projects that are entitled to the incentives are varied and all must be directed to optimize the working environment and the health of employees. Among these projects are those designed to restructure or modify both the structure of existing plants in the company, those to install and / or replace goods, the ones to give the alert to changes in the production layout, plans to eliminate or reduce the risks to the workers such as exposure to chemicals, hazardous substances, radiation, carcinogens and so on. Do not forget that you can submit only one project and one company.

To access the call, you will need to follow a certain procedure was. Once you are logged in and registered to the portal Inail, you will need to present your project by filling out an application prepared and sending it via certified mail. The Authority, after having analyzed and assessed if it conforms to what is stated in the notice, we will confirm acceptance of your request assigning an identification code.