The European Union every 7 years is committed to providing a plan of funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which can be accessed either directly that indirectly. In the first case, after presenting a project, the loan comes directly to the enterprise, while in the second case, the local administrations and regions having to liaise. They also must also contribute financially-together with the European Union-the financing of new activities. But how can you ask a European funding?


* Project proposal
* Comprehensive overview of categories of funding
* List of Official European Journal

First you must choose the type of financing that you can refer to the request. European funding are divided into four macro categories and can be given in the form of loans, grants or guarantees. The first category for European funding request is the thematic type. Thematic funding refers to small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to get a loan for a task that has specific objectives, such as the environment, education or research. This presents the project and the European Union, in the case of approval, the grant supports activities, which then is not funded at all, but only partly.


The second category is by structural type, to reduce the disparities between the various regions. With that practice corporate funding comes through the use of national and regional funds: the European Social Fund and the European regional development fund. this case the approval of the project involves a direct financing by the national authority, which then must be contacted directly. The third category of European funding is financial, i.e. the European Union provides risk capital to SMEs by banks, funds or other institutions. This type of financing is directed and managed by the European Investment Fund.

The last category supports SMEs in Europe — offers the possibility to access external markets through to the national assistance under internationalization. In this way you can access foreign markets such as that of China. To request a European funding should first refer to the official journal that published European programs, budget, financial provisions, objectives and areas of action. You must then set up a project proposal, demonstrating all the features, objectives and information needed for the evaluation. And thanks to the network made available (Enterprise Europe Network) you can go directly to the nearest center to learn about all the possibilities that your company has to access European funding and the procedure to be performed for this request.