The disability pension is a benefit that is up to the employee or self-affection by physical or mental illness . This subsidy is guaranteed by law 222 of 12 June 1984 entered into force on July 1 of that year. The degree of disability is expressed as a percentage: the reference range is between 67% and 100%. In the case of disability of 100% of the aid is about 3500 per year, so the worker can apply for this support which will meet the expenses for treating the disease and improve the situation.

The disability pension is granted only in cases where the doctor accelerator INPS diagnose physical or mental illness that causes complete and permanent inability to perform any gainful employment and pension contributions and insurance of at least five years, three of which paid during the five years preceding the application for a pension.
Additional requirements are: aged between 18 and 65 years Italian citizenship personal annual income does not exceed € 16,500 On reaching the age of 65 for men and 60 years of age for women, the disability pension will be converted into retirement. The necessary condition in this case is 20 years of contributions to the achievement of which will be included possibly even where the person concerned has received the disability allowance.


This board is not definitive: the health conditions it will be subject to revision, therefore improving or worsening, with its eventual change in the percentage of allowances. The application may be submitted electronically to the INPS website in the modules section after requesting a PIN online, over the phone by calling free 803164, at a service center that offers tax services telematic completely free of charge.

Once the request form must be filled out in its entirety and directly submitted to the offices at which it was required or must be sent by registered mail to the A / R. The application must be completed in all its parts, in particular the pages marked by the blue frame. Once submitted you will receive call from the doctor INPS to be subjected to visit, and after that, if such an application is successful, begin the bureaucratic process for the recognition of the status of disability .