The economic situation in Italian is going through a period of deep crisis and very often consumers have difficulty in dealing with charges of different nature: from the everyday to the long-term for the purchase of a property or another durable. The Italian banks do not grant more with easy loans and mortgages, and often the rules for granting it provide strict rules and conditions that not all consumers can afford. Here’s to cope with such problems, there are solutions that are viable alternatives to the canonical methods of financing . One of these is represented by the right to request a loan from a foreign bank.

It was precisely the Association of Foreign Banks in Italy (Aibe) that in the final analysis of the market said: relying on a foreign bank , more specifically German or French, it encounters considerable advantages. This is because the interest rate is lower and the cost of supply of money. I’m really the foreign banks on the national territory as the Deutsche Bank , but there are actually Italian, as the Cariparma BNL or that were purchased and placed in the area of fees and French owners of which enjoy its benefits.


To apply for a loan at one of these institutions usually there will be no additional bureaucracy, and the procedures are identical to the standard required by the Made in Italy . Cm ² is advisable to obtain information as possible before you start the loan , since the provisions do not always follow procedures. Even so-called affected products do not differ from those commonly offered by banks in our country: in fact you can buy residential real estate, houses larger than those that possess, carry out renovations and much more.

Nowadays users search main three guarantees: convenience, reliability and tax breaks. This solution, as well as the online loan, represent the new frontiers of financing and are designed just to deal with the economic crisis that is gripping a large portion of the population. So it is always useful to have a clear idea and a solid foundation in order not to sink into an economic abyss.