It is well known that institutions or banking companies, assess very carefully the possibility of giving or not a loan of money to a person, (especially if it lacks guarantees very consistent). Provide a loan without having sufficient certainty in fact (as an indication of a guarantor), means taking the risk of having to face an insolvent debtor, or a bad payer (which has not complied with previous debts or has done with considerable delay ). Despite these considerations, there are a number of avenues, (not absolutely easy, but sometimes allow you to get a loan without providing specific guarantees). Below, I will show how it is possible to request a medium-high sum of money without indicating a guarantor.


Keep in mind first of all that in the absence of guarantees solid (paycheck), banks require the subject the presence of a guarantor . If it is not possible to provide a guarantor the probability of obtaining a sum of money is reduced obviously. In the latter case, you can still take advantage of the existence of a property owned (by mortgage), or simply to demonstrate to enjoy a safe entry earnings, thanks to its rent to third parties.

A different and unique possibilities of financing without guarantees or guarantor, is constituted by the loan granted by the institutions and the European Union) called honor. The latter is governed by a law of 1996, and is characterized by its business purpose (it has been instituted to allow self-employed workers and young entrepreneurs, to have appropriate amounts to start a small business or commercial company) . A percentage equal to 60 percent of the amount is considered non-repayable (the remaining 40 percent is subject to reimbursement at a rate of interest, however, facilitated).

The subjects involved in research doctorates Italian or foreign universities, and students attending post-graduate Master, they can also benefit from the trust loan c D. The latter is a form of loan very peculiar (aimed at the development of culture and education towards individuals deprived of economic resources) for the latter reasoning set, the trust loan can not be granted to a party with an annual income topping a certain threshold (or simply beneficiaries scholarships).

In order to realize a loan application, it is advisable to physically visit a branch, (so calm and fairness to view the different quotes and benefits available). Each company financial typically involves various forms of relief, often linked to a lower interest rate.