The start-up is a company designed for temporary search of a model of repeatable and scalable business. The successful start-up can potentially grow rapidly with limited investment capital. Many start-ups are initially financed by the founders themselves, anyone can be a co-founder (but often co-founders are entrepreneurs, engineers, capitalists and web developers). In the guide to follow will be explained in great detail how to analyze the financial structure of a start up.

Analyze a company start up requires a planning method used to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or involved in a business venture, it is important to specify the purpose of the business (or initiating) and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. A fundamental task in creating a start-up is to conduct research in order to validate and develop business ideas or concepts.


The phases of the planning process designed to achieve the goal selected can be derived from a careful analysis, the determining factors are the strengths useful to achieve the goal, the weaknesses of the organization, the opportunities and profits threats that could damage the performance of the work. An appropriate analysis of the external environment can reveal opportunities for both profit and growth for the business start-up.

Examples of attributes of strength that can be used to obtain a competitive advantage by the company are: patents, the brand, the good reputation among customers, the advantages of cost, ease of access to the distribution network, a position top where the product can be purchased, in promoting the benefits (such as advertising, public relations, word of mouth and point of sale). The weaknesses of a society are caused by various factors such as: the lack of patent protection, the brand weak, the poor reputation among customers, the structure of the high cost, lack of access to raw materials and distribution channels. An analysis of the external environment can reveal opportunities for profit and growth for the business start-up. Your company can use its strengths to invest in its opportunities.