Exact fee will be displayed at the ATM

Banks and savings banks, according to the NRW consumer show the rmcn exact charges on the screen. Banks that make it technically is not so quickly, for information a sticker attached to the machine. So the customer can decide whether to pay the high fees may be willing or prefer to look around for another, more favorable financial institution.

Different fees at ATMs of the banks

The NRW consumer indicates that the fees at ATMs of other banks are uniform. They vary between 1.95 € and five euros. Customer-friendly and desirable in the opinion of the consumer protection would be a legal limit to a maximum of two euros. This is available to customers cash from a foreign bank is not too expensive, a few tips should be followed. the guessing game to an end and with it the unwelcome surprise. Customers must at foreign banks not to ask for lifting the charges, which on weekends or evenings / at night was impossible anyway, but they get the attacking amount shown directly at the ATM. Previously it was so that the operator changed the unit of the bank a fee for the use in the calculation. foreign customers to pay the fee directly to the bank. Nevertheless, it could still have high fees.


Savings and cooperative banks refuse to limit the fee

The Federal Association of German Banks in the organized private banks have together made the agreement that the future is to require all customers of foreign banks more than € 1.95 per withdrawal. The savings banks declined, however, according to information from the consumer advice NRW limiting the fee. Accordingly, they held the high charges for foreign customers is justified, because they in turn a wide network of ATMs for foreign users for the provision and thus contribute to higher costs would have. Would be added, that the individual institutes of the savings and cooperative banks charge their own firmly laid.

Select Bank’s ATM network

The consumer advice advises clients on the best pay attention to is already in their choice of bank that the bank has an ATM network as widely as possible branched or member of a banking group is. Because the use of the money in your bank or Automatens within the network is free. Some of the direct banks, which maintain no branch network to offer their customers accounts using Visa cards, including card number function, which allow the drawing of money from any bank for free, but not always problem-free.