Employment levels before the crisis will take to reach 5 years. This and other indicators to guide investors in financial markets.

It will take about five years for employment to return to the precrisis levels. This was stated at the beginning of the week the International Labour Organization (ILO), warning that if current trends continue, the positive employment outcomes take a long time coming.

Raymond Torres, director of the International Institute for Labour Studies “the chances of avoiding a double dip of employment are limited and we must seize”. These statements were made after the publication of Report on Work in the World 2011: The markets in support of employment by the ILO on the eve of the G20 meeting.


The importance of unemployment as an economic indicator

The report throws some alarming data and the need to create 80 million jobs during 2012 and 2013 for the re-employment rate equal to that which existed before the crisis. Another statement that is derived from this report is that over 70% of respondents in Spain declared themselves dissatisfied with job offers.

It’s hard to question the relevance of this report and the unemployment rate of a country belongs to one of the most important economic indicators for this nation. In the current across the Atlantic on Friday expected data office of the United States working on nonfarm payrolls. After the disastrous results of August, with any job created, the September data indicated a growing improvement in the U.S. labor market with the creation of 103,000 jobs.
The forecasts for October respond to positive growth but slow, hovering the general expectations about 70000-90000 jobs created during this month.

Other indicators to consider when investing

To invest in financial markets is necessary to evaluate all the information not only on assets invested in but above all the general financial and economic context. And is that economic data, political and social impact can reach the price of assets in just seconds.
Whatever the investment: foreign exchange, Stocks, indexes, etc. is always necessary to be informed and acquire the necessary knowledge before entering the market. Economic indicators such as unemployment, the result of non-farm payrolls in the U.S., inflation or Consumer price index, Among many others, will help guide you on your investment.