Every time I open the newspaper you can see in the various pages the words rating agencies, but not everyone is aware of what they actually mean. It’s time to try to explain in an easy manner and understanding how these agencies, what they do and what relevance they have on the market.

If agencies is that they are able to do the good and bad times in the market for large industrial economy of the whole world. These agencies are concerned with analyzing all financial data, then that will later be made ​​available to the various markets, covering both the economy and the state of fiscal soundness public of a country. On the basis of these reports the performance of the economy undergoes changes also important. Such as in the case of Greece, was precisely the news reported by the various rating agencies to decide its downgrading the always imminent risk of failure.

Unfortunately, many times these agencies play a more focused to meet the speculators that savers. Due to their structure and the activities they perform, are fully covered against all risks in the event of error of assessment. The most striking case occurred in 2008, when these agencies meant the stability of some companies that actually were not so stable, thus triggering the beginning of the terrible crisis which still today we pay the consequences.


The agencies in question are three: Moody’s , whose corporate structure is very complex, the largest corporate capital is in the hands of large shareholders managers, in turn, large investment funds. It is also traded in this way suffers from all the fluctuations of the market curious fact the same as she generated. Then there is the Standard & Poor’s unlike the first, this agency is part of a group that is mainly engaged in publishing. This also listed on the stock exchange, together with Moody’s controls about 80% of the entire financial market. Finally we find the Fitch, a French holding company , which has as its main purpose to arbitrate in the case of the two large agencies can take over any disagreements .

Let us now see the operation itself. A bank, an institution or even a state, before accepting any type of task, entrusted the advice to these three major agencies , which after a careful analysis by an army of analysts who put a naked every little part of ‘ economic analysis of the subject below. The results will then be submitted to a committee that will award the vote to be given to a State, to a bank or an entity. When these agencies decree the declassification of a subject the immediate response is to increase the interest rate charged on the loan that the person asked. In this way the lender you would see in an instant increase revenues due precisely to the loan.