How do marketing research? The marketing research is the process of collection of data that can be used to make decisions about what products and services offer, prevailing over its competition in the sector . Lead is not easy, so be sure to read all the various steps of the guide.

The market research plays an important role in all aspects of the development process of goods and services. It enables companies to effectively meet the needs of consumers, increasing the likelihood of launching successful products and increased profitability. Should be able to make decisions coupon valid, and develop marketing messages effective. In addition to this, it is important to identify the market share , as well as that of competitors.

The two main types are the quantitative research and the qualitative. Quantitative research is designed to examine the statistical data , such as the number of people within certain demographic groups inclined to purchase a particular product or the percentage of new users . Multiple choice questions and analysis of sales data are examples of quantitative research techniques. Qualitative research instead, it serves to provide information about why consumers buy the goods and in that mode. Survey questions open and focus groups are two of the most widely used procedures.


Clearly identify your target audience, to develop messages that can affect consumers ideals. The best approach is to undertake action to collect data on an ongoing basis. Before the product is brought to market, conducts research to determine whether it meets the needs of customers and to identify possible changes. Suggest a good brand, an attractive packaging strategy and targeted advertising messages. In post-production, track sales data to determine the market share.

Use all the systems you have available to get information Examine invoices to identify where your customers live, or monitor sales of certain products based on the time of year. Make a statistics on the number of calls, e-mails and on the responses of social media in order to assess the behavior of the users then exploits these data to determine the best times to send out marketing materials Search through trade publications, chambers of regional trade, and industry-specific national magazines, notions of demographic and consumer useful for your purpose every month, remember to make a budget to assess the current condition.