The budget book gives a comprehensive overview of where the money goes, and with regular management can detect many potential savings.

A budget book offers many advantages. You see not only exactly where the money is, but it supports the output control and provides a comprehensive overview of the available budget. With a little time and a little perseverance you have just a few weeks his personal sound financial figures at hand. What could previously only be estimated, we know exactly and one wonders also how much savings can be traced suddenly. Cleverly put, you can save several hundred euros, annually, which can in turn put in a trip.

Earlier this month, is usually more than half of the monthly income will be gone rent, electricity, gas, insurance, telephone / internet and so on. If you take his statements at hand, you find the information on revenues and expenditures, which largely determine the budget. For this you need not be longer than half an hour this information is listed on the first of every month in the budget book under “Revenue” and “fixed costs”. The term “variable costs” are quoted daily expenses (food, coffee, clothing, cosmetics). This requires only a few minutes every day, but it is laying the groundwork for a safe handling of money .


How do you keep from it, to keep a budget book?

It is necessary to plug the cash register receipt with every purchase and collect them. If you only drink a coffee or a juice or eat a snack anywhere, you look at the amount listed on a piece of paper or typing it in his notebook in a cell phone. The best thing is, the amounts of the receipts, the same evening to the budget book to write, because they remain at least until the weekend are, usually wears off the air. The budget book should always be within arm’s reach preferably on the desk or table . it will be reminded daily to enter the expenditure. Soon is a routine, so that the entries are part of everyday. It is important at the beginning to set a minimum target. After two months, compared to already, and after three more months to let the “precious months” or special variations to recognize better.

Budget balance and determine

As already mentioned, the first step in the installation of a household book is to determine the income and fixed expenses, and help the bank statements. Then, expected: Revenues Expenses = fixed budget. This budget represents the variable expenses (food, clothing, cosmetics, leisure, etc) are available, which are now entered into the daily budget book. On the last day of the month, the variable costs are added, subtracted from the budget, thus determining the monthly balance. This should ideally be positive, because we can create financial reserves for example for new purchases, repairs and travel. The reserves “parks” are best on a money market account , because one has access at all times and to get interest. Chinese journals are well suited as a household books, practical, however, are already “finished” household books with clear tables and columns that can be bought at Amazon or the world. You can also download financial books on the Internet and online lead.