With the advent of social networks including “Facebook”, the way we live and interact in today’s world has changed, this has allowed us to reach people when and where we want of our interest, the ease of interacting with other people has allowed the development of online business, one of which is e-commerce, virtual platform that allows the sale and purchase of material of interest. Today we’re going to illustrate how to create an e-commerce on Facebook, and techniques to expand their brand.

One of the things that led to the success of the union of e-commerce and social networks, is derived from the unconditional unconscious man “wanted one thing but actually try something else,” this means that the things we do come from randomness with which they are presented. In order to develop an e-commerce on Facebook we can act in two different ways: in the first we will create directly on Facebook our e-commerce (thanks to Facebook open graph and developers), the second page we are going to create a FAN , showing the site of our e-commerce.


Once created our own e-commerce, the next step will be to expand our brand through some channels that Facebook has to offer: (websites, search engine, mobile, email), each with different characteristics, costs up with the times. In order to attract the highest number of visitors we need some marketing strategies , so you must: create the need (very often people tend not to make decisions, we must then persuade the subject of interest to our product, through targeted advertising, benefits purchase, affiliations, arouse the interest for you (try to highlight the best features of our product through exciting phrases) Understand the need (how and through what sites our users will come to visit us, the more advertising and expansion of links back to our e-commerce, the greater the gain Reputation of the brand (very often the success of an e-commerce comes from the same reputation, so you must implement links with users, in order to understand the problems they may have).

Give certainty: ( provide security to the customer is synonymous with quality service, be as clear as possible); create a chain (a customer satisfaction will be inclined to recommend to other users, then offer opportunities for relationship through forums, blogs, guides) , in the process of creation, and well avoid some mistakes that lead to negative results, so do not advertise poor quality content, thematic improvised invest too much in advertising, neglecting the customer, not optimize your site.