The so-called first world is engaged in a major crisis that experts and laymen attributed to the financial sector. In Spain was originated the “brick”.

A long period of prosperity in the U.S. did forget the slightest sense of business risk and generated an excessive reliance on the financial sector. Meanwhile, people want to participate in both welfare and realize the dream of owning property in a good home.

Boom estate and financial recklessness

Some wanted to buy at all costs and others financed regardless. Viewing business, speculators joined: buying and immediately selling a property and making large profits, and other investing their money in the financial, with so much movement, offering attractive returns.

The first steps of the global crisis

But what goes up must come down and the great development that seemed endless, began to slow as so often in history. This time was different: those who would traditionally have been out of work now also dragged behind large mortgage debts. As quickly deflated the bubble created huge. The year was 2006.

Globalization, in the crisis

The logic sequence was: stop paying the debt, the financial resent and stop lending money down real estate prices and anyone can buy and sell even less. Finally, the housing bubble collapses. Reappears a new factor that differentiates this crisis from other: there is a lot of money from people, companies, banks and even countries such financial drowned out by the mortgage sub prime (those with little collateral originally granted to customers with poor credit).


States financial help

Between 2007 and 2008 spread worldwide, as there was no country that investors attracted by the sweet American pie, not invested in it. Many States had to inject large sums of money in their paradisaical financial companies. The crisis was generally public and generated a strong distrust of investors: the stock plummeted.

The Spanish delay us from the financial crisis

As always, Spain is lagging behind and in this case seems to keep out of the crisis in the financial sector. Not so the estate, which itself undergoes a similar process. However the real estate crisis in Spain is a very different since no financial products intoxicated by mortgages sub prime . So Why Spain is suffering the crisis and overcome it is costing a lot more?

At the municipal level there is no separation of powers

Contrary to that advocated Montesquieu , any Spanish municipality has classified its territory and through the General Urban Plan ( General Plan ) that he creates, develops and applies. Not only that, but can re qualify ground at any time. True, the issue is more complex and their performance must adhere to high national standards or, especially, regional. But it is equally true that the policy space is vast.

Preparing the ground

The proximity of power to citizens, including trust, and management of all forms of that power by the same body, leaving the field completely planted and fertilized. We just had to wash it down with … money? And the construction business has always worked so well that no one in their right mind would have thought until then that housing prices could come down, even a single day.

An explosive combination

Business, power and money: a combination that works better than unchecked the gas, and oxygen match. Money makes the construction business, the local power grants permission and wants you to change to improve the environment. The company is not an NGO and this has to pass it in the price of housing. And the snake starts biting the tail: housing is expensive, the business increases its numbers, and the local authority wants to become improvements to the town. And citizens are happy because finally fulfilled electoral proposals. And back again.

It grows and grows and grows and no protest

And the numbers increase so significantly that the permit-issuing think that business should pay for other improvements in the municipalities. And in return, which they do business, they want even more permits in other parts of the pie to keep increasing it. And with so much friction, and how could it be otherwise, you mix business with pleasure, the public and the private and the money starts coming, not the public purse, but to private pockets . And continues to grow because if nobody knows, if no one complains, if anyone questions the system Why stop the machinery? At the end of the buyers seem happy because they can also be something on the cake, as well as small speculators, either taking safe investment in your home because it always goes up.

Why nobody controls it?

And the other two administrations, which should be diagnosed and severed this cancer, look away: the municipalities receive money, wherever it comes from, do not bother asking for more funds to provide services, like consoles fought to Parents of toddlers heavy. But everything has a price.