Protecting the home is a simple task but not be neglected the study of what the real needs to cover.

The combined range of home insurance, also called multi-risk home, is very wide. The companies maintain an “encounter” very hard to attract customers and, increasingly, expand coverage or reduce premiums to compete. It is essential not only fixed premium, the study of non-coverage help pay for unneeded but also include those that might be interesting. If you do not have computers at home to afford coverage no use of computers, the same way, if you have a garden may be interested include coverage for damage to trees and shrubs.

The valuation of the continent and content on home insurance

First you should assess, as objectively as possible and with the help of a trained mediator, the values ​​and the content of the continent as the guarantees covered, percentages are based on these values.Generally, the continent is assessed in terms of square meters of housing and the quality of the materials of the same. The valuation of content is more complicated, but the homeowner has to be clear that you can not skimp on their assessment and, in case of an accident, there may be an underinsurance with consequent reduction in the payment of the claim. Some companies value the content based on the rooms of the house and, if the customer accepts the premium valuation, do not apply the proportional rule in case of disaster.


Basic coverage in home insurance

* Fire, explosion and lightning. Coverage is primary; covers insured losses when destroyed as a result of fire and / or explosion.
* Smoke.
* Impact of objects. Clash of land vehicles (common in roads or houses near the edge of the same), and falling aircraft.
* Sonic detonations.
* Atmospheric phenomena. Flood and desembarre. Rain, wind, hail or snow.
* Fire. Measures to prevent the accident. Debris.
* Home Assistance: monitoring and protecting housing, emergency plumbing, locksmith emergency, urgent and electricity urgent glassware. The insurance available to customers a range of professionals, even in the case of non-occurrence of an accident or may not be covered by the policy, offer their services at prices generally cheaper than the competition.
* Water Spill: locating and repairing the damage.
* Liability , defense and securities: as owner of the property. As a tenant. Derived from water spills . Private family householder. Pet Owner.
* Theft, robbery and vandalism: Cash in any situation. Replacement of keys and locks. Theft. Plundering of objects outside the house. Plundering of money outside the house.
* Aesthetic restoration.
* Breakage of glass, marble, sanitary ware and ceramic hobs.

Optional coverages home insurance

* Help computer .
* Legal protection.
* Theft of jewelry.
* All objects of artistic risk.
* Damage to electrical installations and equipment.
* Food in refrigerator.

Other coverage to consider in insurance

* Temporary transfer or temporary housing rent (usually a maximum of 12 months).
* Furniture moved on trips.
* Replacement documents.
* Accidents by heat.
* Assistance vacation or playing sports.
* Damage to trees and shrubs.
* Vehicles in garage.
* Storages.
* Misuse of credit cards.

It is evident the very different coverages that can be included in home insurance. Not all are needed to meet our needs, not the same one apartment in a building a house, it is not a house in the center of a city to another in a remote rural area. Is not the residence of different holiday flat, which remains unoccupied most of the year? Each home is unique and the market offers the possibility that the insurance is unique.