When you are planning to sell or buy a property, it is crucial inquire about the procedures to follow. Very often, information is requested and the specific characteristics and sometimes the fact of not understanding it may be penalized. Let’s see a brief guide where we will consider in particular the public deed of sale.

The public deed of sale is also defined by an authentic act or public write access. It is a document which is legal proof of facts or legal acts, in this case the sale of a property. It is a real purchase in which the contract relates to the transfer of ownership of the house behind the consideration of a sum of money.

Typically, the public deed of sale is concluded before a notary. There must be both the seller and the buyer so that the notary can not guarantee the identity of the parties, the legality and fairness of the act. Relying to a notary for a sale you will discover any restrictions on the property . The notary will check the existence of mortgages and that the construction should comply with all the obligations imposed by building codes.


Once the notary drew up the public deed of sale, it must be transcribed. The transcript allows the buyer to become the actual owner of the thing purchased. When arise the contrasts and conflicts of authority, it could happen that the public deed of sale is considered invalid. This happens in cases where the property has been sold by a person that he was not actually the owner, the contract has been concluded at conditions other than those agreed upon or that the property sold these vices.

Guarantees placed on the act of buying and selling are indeed many and when required may be relied on to get all the right treatment relating to the contract as well as transcribed. Because of the potential occurrence of problems is always recommended to do the acts of sale in a public manner. Relying on a professional will prevent us to have those problems that might arise through private document.

In summary, in this guide we could consider what the public deed of sale, how can you prepare and what are the guarantees to which it is subject. Having this knowledge will prove useful when we will face a situation of sale or purchase.