In this guide, we try to give some tips to start the new income-generating activities , evaluating which are the leading sectors and which are not. Looking at the changes that have occurred in recent years, we can realize that the market is an extreme in every sector. On the one hand there are those who want to spend as little money as possible, then products low cost and super discounted, other luxury products or niche. All at the expense of the space occupied by the goods in average price, which was to be used mostly of the middle class.

According to the statistics on the modalities of spending the income of Italian families, we see that the proportion of income paid to the consumption has been greatly reduced. This is because on the one hand have increased in number services or goods that can be bought, while the other is always attaches less importance to certain needs. So the areas that a few years ago pulled our economy are in crisis: food and clothing in the head, at the expense of new market segments such as electronics, telephony, wellness and tourism . While spending centripetal has become more cautious, also the result of a free market. This is the case of the insurance industry, entertainment and eating out.


The question that then arises is: Where can I still invest? A question that arises every new entrepreneur starting a business project. Investing in real luxury. this is in fact one of the areas that has not been affected by the economic downturn of recent years. To begin this activity requires a significant investment we are used to seeing this area as something superfluous, however, in this segment include a whole range of products and services of superior quality, and to enhance considerably the quality of life. We think in fact the field of physical well-being, leisure and food of excellent quality. They are indeed luxury products , but definitely not trivial. Let us now look more closely at this area. Properties. Fall into the category of those particular prestige and historical landscape. Clothes. Booming industry, especially abroad, driven by the concept of Made in Italy. cars and motorcycles. That all those vehicles that are considered the top for elegance, sportiness and Number of horses.

This accessory stasis over the years has become a symbol for the wearer, so this has meant that the sector is still growing, despite the crisis. Jewels. The jewels in the imagination have always been the luxury, so it is an industry that will never know the crisis. Perfumes. Thanks to the fashion and the designers who have begun to produce their own essences, perfumes have gained visibility that it deserves the luxury sector. Holidays. The holidays for each class is something indispensable, however, those who have the ability to spend more money they want to make it exclusively, often away from the touristic areas. The basic requirement for the holidays luxury service, privacy and will not be mass. Furniture. The search for a refined furniture that can adapt to the residence of prestige to everything we combine foods are also classy and refined drinks (think of prestigious wines or champagne), body care (solarium, exclusive spas and yoga sessions to example) and leisure (circuits luxury are membership in the prestigious circles, like that of sailing, equestrian or golf).

If the crisis in Europe is still very much alive, the world economy is slowly recovering, this is even more true in the United States and other markets in recovery. Regarding the housing market, for example, while in Italy it will be more particularly in crisis because of a particularly stifling taxation, see IMU and income tax who have already broken down the market by subtracting private initiative, it is instead a growing demand for real estate abroad. So, buying a house such as New York, or in the resurgent Latin America, or where the crisis has passed, or never arrived, remains one of the most viable options available to all those who have capital to invest in the short term.

Finally, a basic rule is that you can no longer improvise Whether in fact for those who already have a business and for those who want to start in business, it must be said that the era of easy money with a good idea or a product new is over. It must therefore be prepared for what you deal with in a strict manner, adopting strategies Financial data planning, marketing and sales now without these skills has become difficult to operate in the highly saturated So an activity is profitable when the person who manages more competent than the competition Who will use this rule will certainly have the best opportunities for growth, while those who proves indecisive, waiting for the economic terms, or believes he can do the business improvised, will not a few problems.