The term NGO stands for: Non-Profit Social Organization. The non-profit institutions also include those in private character dealing with something very specific in society. Precisely for this reason enjoy some benefits tax. The guide below will better understand what it is, who can do part of a charity and what are the characteristics that allow State actors membership. Read the guide below to know the details.

May enter the qualification of non-profit, all those associations, cooperatives, foundations, committees, movements that meet the basic standards, their activities will be dedicated to one of the following: amateur sport, education, training, protection and also to enhance the environment, the promotion of culture, the promotion of art, or even to solidarity, to work with a strong sense of civic duty or at least to all those activities which may be considered useful for the improvement of life, without of course that these organizations have the purpose to get rich.


In recent years this part of associations, movements, foundations and non-profit organization, etc., may also contribute to five per thousand, in addition, those (in the natural or legal person) who pay a percentage as a donation to the Foundation may deduct or deduct from their taxable income. Of course, all those who wish to donate a certain amount of money to non-profit associations, would be spoiled for choice given that in recent years many organizations have been born non-profit organization, all with deeply honorable purposes. In case you want to choose a particular organization just do the following.

To choose a non-profit organization which gladly donate a certain donation, you can choose carefully before deciding. Simply inquire about the various associations formed by doing a search by category: for education, for solidarity, for culture, for social purposes, and so on. You can do this via the Internet since in most cases, each non-profit organization certainly has a website from which you can contact them easily. Once you have made ​​a careful analysis and a careful choice can ask the IBAN number or any way to make a donation.