Gold, silver and platinum win as crisis and inflation-proof investment opportunities in importance. Anonymous purchase over the counter transactions carried out on the course.

Gold, silver and platinum have in times of inflation and financial crises reputation as a safe value investments. Whether private investors, large companies or even state reserves, the gold price is attractive for low-risk investments. As more and more often spoken of an impending crisis of the euro in trade circles, the precious metals as an investment opportunity to get an ever more important position.

The gold price per ounce is about $ 1,750

The gold price per ounce was in the past few weeks in October and November 2011 almost reached the $ 1,800 mark. He is now moving back in the area at about 1750 dollars. Speculation about an expected rise in the gold price should be read in various financial news. The development of prices for precious metals can, however, a high level of security compared to other stocks and securities, see the precious metals to their reputation as a crisis and inflation-proof investment opportunity, in spite of different variations clearly observed increases in value.


Gold, silver and platinum buy anonymously

Companies and private investors can get a investment in precious metals down, anonymously, without disclosing the data to be recorded. This purchase of bullion or coins wrapped into one ordinary shops that are specialized for the so-called counter trade. This is not organized differently than the purchase of jewelry, there is an exchange goods for money. The desired amount of noble metal is not covered by the existing supply, so the dealer ordered the specified amount and the customer can change to a desired date is not cash in gold, silver or platinum.

Limit for buying gold

The limit for anonymous purchase of gold is set at 15,000 € per day, while you can control it but every day to complete. For spouses subject to the € 15,000 limit per person makes a purchase, the value of 30,000 €. The output of bullion or coins are respectively the current exchange rate. Who wants to make the fixed rate of 15,000 € out his money and buy more precious metals, must specify in its data store. If ordered over the Internet in a precious metals shop, it must be expected that data can be known about it. Web addresses will be used for an order are verified at all times and do not provide adequate security for data protection.

Buy gold – the crisis-proof investment in precious metals

The crisis-proof system for precious metals is certainly interesting for private investors, however, one must be aware that the exchange rates for gold, silver or platinum are always subject to variation. A sale of the surplus may not bring in a profit at any time. Such an investment in coins or bullion is only profitable if you have plenty of other ways in order to stay liquid, when the gold price again falls short. A variation of the value of assets is also a good idea when investing in precious metals. A good observation of the current foreign exchange rates will pay for a purchase and the proposed sale.