Wanted liquidity for this trading platform that began in 2010.

Now individuals can place their orders to buy and sell shares that are in the Global Market Colombian (MGC) platform that until last Friday was addressed to professional investors, to stockbrokers in the country. The MGC is an initiative of the Stock Exchange Colombia (BVC) and local brokerage firms, which launched in late 2010 and this year has been business for 700 million pesos.

From today through the MGC, brokerage firms may make orders about 28 titles, which are registered in the United States, Canada and Curacao. These are some of the most traded in the world, such as Amazon, Apple, Chevron, Citi, General Electric, Google, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Walmart and Wells Fargo, among others. The decision was made on Friday by the national government, and formalized by Decree 1827 of 2012.

The MGC operates from 15 December 2010 through the platform of the BVC. For the president of the BVC, Juan Pablo Cordoba, “this is an extraordinary story because this way they expand opportunities for investors, allowing pesos from Colombia and can access these titles.” The manager said that this advance in the process of internationalization of the local stock exchange and promotes simplification of processes in the market, which makes possible the arrival of more Colombians to the investments made in the national stock market.


The securities traded in the MGC are listed by brokerage firms participating in the program as sponsors, and who are required to bring the floating part of these companies to the local market and to publish information considered relevant, of each listings of their titles. Currently, firms are sponsoring, although others may come to place orders in the MGC. Figure of sponsoring is to bring local market values ​​and be as accountable to international authorities.


For experts, this move will print this business liquidity BVC International, which has shown low operating figures for the uncertainty surrounding the capital markets of the United States, where most of the titles. For Juan Miguel Ramirez of the Shares and Securities commission, there will be more participants in this platform, which will be reflected in increased demand for the products that are traded there.