Few institutions in Mexico taught degree in geography, which is very important for government planning, business, etc.

One of the most important decisions in life is the choice of a career, as it will define the lifestyle of a person and their contribution to society. So the choice has to be carefully considered. It requires that youth take into account their tastes, abilities which must be consistent with the profile of the race and also analyze what their labor market. It is important that the student is informed of the race that will choose to see the job portals to know: How much does, how it earns? and where do you work? Besides analyzing: what knowledge they have to manage, and what software they need to learn?, Etc.

Fields of geography

You can define geography as the science that studies the relationship of human beings to space. An analysis slowly, these relationships are numerous and of great impact on all human activities, hence the importance of geography and the need for highly qualified specialists.


Geography has two edges one that’s closer to nature, biology and ecology, is known as physical geography, which studies the characteristics of the land, such as soil types, morphology, climate, rainfall, climate, natural areas, etc.. Another line is the human geography, which is more related to the social sciences and study the location, distribution of cultural, economic, political, urban, etc.

Profile geographer

One of the most promising careers is geography, which requires that the student has a number of features to properly exercise will have to have taste and capacity for territorial analysis, through mapping, geographic information systems, Internet management, GPS, etc, implying interest in technology, mathematics, statistics, geometry, reading readiness and travel.

Causes of the geography is a well-paying career

Geography has been one of the best science that has assimilated technological change, interdisciplinary methodology, the knowledge economy, which has placed it as one of the highest paid careers in Mexico. Some media place the geographer race in eighth place, others in fifth place and second, in the degree in geography synthesis is among the ten races that receive a better income. The newspaper Milena said that on average a geographer earns 17 thousand dollars a month and the newspaper La Razon said to earn a degree in geography 21.000 pesos.

This, together with few institutions offering career and still small population of graduates, has caused that geographers have good income, for example, a geographer who can do market research is gaining about 25, 000 pesos. The geography of tourism is also strongly positioned in the market to advise companies and governments in the promotion of tourism.

There is a great demand for geographic studies

Making an analysis on job portals shows that one of the achievements accomplished by geographers is that I can not see just as teachers, as with other similar professions such as history, anthropology or ethnohistory. Geographers have a place in government institutions for their knowledge in territorial planning , in its development companies and scientific institutions geomarketing for his handling of geospatial technologies.

Now beyond economic geographer race generates much personal satisfaction, through a positive impact on society, for example, the geography of transport can help reduce the number of road accidents, medical geography can provide valuable information to know the distribution of causes of death and seek solutions to reduce mortality, etc.