The items franchises are leading clothing and food, but other items such as paint stores and health are growing in recent years.

While the economic environment is not ideal, it is remarkable system growth franchises, which provides expansion both domestically and internationally in the near future.

Most active areas

It highlights the cuisine with brands like Havanna and Subway and clothing for example, where brands like Cardon, Sweet and Eyelit represent a commercial network covering more than 27 000 local. The gastronomic field leadership also exists internationally, although there are areas that are beginning to develop as tourism, ice cream shops and supermarkets. Some businesses that had not offered the option of franchising, stick to this option as a possibility not only your business more profitable, but also as a way to expand into all areas of the country, although in some cases, granting franchises abroad

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage that a franchisee is that it is acquiring a business that is already proven successful, ensuring a customer who is loyal to a brand or a business. Additionally, when purchasing a franchise, you receive different resources such as planning, marketing strategies, thereby facilitating the initial work of entrepreneur . It is this form of guidance to the person who starts with the franchise, with or without prior knowledge, which does not mean that someone else is going to run the business in place.


Although 90% of franchisees has plans to expand in 2013, it’s interesting how new malls, such as Cordoba and north of the country. It should be noted also that the premises in shopping are the first choice when developing a franchise.

But the entrepreneur must also be prepared for losses, for example the property item will not work well this year, as foreseen by experts, because it is a sector closely linked with the vagaries of the country. In the latter year the various measures at real estate exchange forced to rethink their options and procedures, which for many franchises represent losses in your business. I also had to reformulate the importation of products, because with the recent restrictions in regard to overseas purchases, there was inconvenience and delays to replenish stock

While Argentina is a country where the franchise is still growing, it is estimated that commercial networks billed about $ 8 billion annually, resulting therefore an interesting option for the person who wants to invest in a business that is already known, and the person you want to start in the line of business but does not have a brand or own production.