It is a recurring every summer with the warm weather the foreign cars on the road in our country increases exponentially and with it, the risk that even the most trivial incident may be no more than a ‘ car but Italian foreign. Many may think that in these cases compensation and to assert their rights to become much more difficult, but in reality it is not. The office in charge of this type of situation, in fact, is the ‘ UCI (Italian Central Office) and following these simple tips will easily get what is due soon.

In the unlikely event of a car accident that involved an Italian car and see a stranger, the UCI shall be informed of the incident with a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt which will be given of the basic data so that the office can start expertise. To understand fundamental data then name of the driver of the foreign name of the owner of the same make and model of the foreign vehicle accident, vehicle license plate and the nationality of the foreign name of the insurance company’s half alien, a copy of the model accident report (if available), details of the forces that intervened possibly as a result of the accident (it will be important to specify the location of the command), copy of green card driver abroad (if available) and finally description of the incident. If the accident has also caused property damage , you must specify in the letter on the day and time in which you are available for direct inspection of the damage and, for personal injury , you must indicate age, assets and income of those who have suffered injuries along with a medical certificate attesting to the healing of the person, with or without permanent damage.


Not in all cases, however, it might be possible to have all the above information. One of those who most often missing, creating quite a stir, is the name of the ‘ insurer of the other party involved in the accident. If so, however, better not despair. The UCI, in fact, can do a search for us by the insurance abroad and, if the vehicle involved in the accident did not have insurance coverage, you may inquire on our behalf on the ability to access special funds to reimburse the injured party. To close also remind you that the official website of the UCI will allow you to get all the information you need, not least those that allow you to travel safely abroad explaining what to do instead, if an accident does not happen in Italy.