In recent years it has developed the commercial sector defined in “franchise”, which, through retail chains, to open their own business taking advantage of the name of the specific brand , receiving support and management directives. The field of franchising allows you to invest in a “content” compared with a normal activity. The industry is booming, and it affects the commercial market embracing among the various sectors, including the food. The restaurant franchise includes: pubs, some restaurants and Dianemarie, pizzeria, creeper, ice cream shops, kebab , Yogurt, fast food, cafe bars and other activities together we shall see, in this guide, the opportunities offered by the franchise market.

The categories related to franchise the restaurant are very obviously and include grocery stores and supermarkets in addition to the many activities mentioned above, as well as expansion into new exercises that are dedicated to those who suffer from food allergies or intolerance. Depending on your expertise and the industry that you feel more productive, you have to make a choice, and in relation to this, find the right location to start your business. The brand that allow you to start a franchise are many, even in this case, try to focus on the security by relying on well-known brands.


Among other activities, some do not require a license, such as the fast food , which can be opened franchise with packages that define a “turnkey”, by adults without the need for specific qualifications. The packages “turnkey”, are best for those who have many skills and want to spare yourself from getting lost in bureaucratic processes, as you’ll be guided precisely in everything from the supply of products to the suppliers of the package, driving the performance bureaucratic procedures and related training. You will need to register for VAT, subscribe to the Registrar of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce, local, and find a suitable place in terms of structural and sanitary. Regardless of your budget you can opt for a brand rather than another and the different options offered at varying costs.

Some commercial activities related to the food sector, will require registration with the Chamber of Commerce after attending the course SAB, for a total of hours that varies from 100 to 160, and an average cost that is estimated to be a minimum of 500 euro to a maximum of € 800, with the addition of 80 Euros which will be used for the final exam who possesses a degree of secondary or higher education, linked to the hospitality industry, you will not incur such an examination. For other exercises, such as “beer”, the course required to attend, will be 60 hours per week (ICAL), or have previous work experience in the field of about 2 years in the recent period (last 5 years) In relation to ‘exercise you choose, permissions and specific requirements required will be different and can be evaluated from case to case, as well as the size and characteristics of the local and the budget applied for and need photos .