Gone are the days, just the advertisement, bids rained! Today, buyers are more demanding. Seller, stack the odds in your favor!

Setting the right price

The first thing to do is set the right price for your home. You can start by doing thanks to the many sites of estimation: But often, the advice of a professional will be needed to refine this estimate. It will focus on the value of your property a more objective view than yours. More importantly, it will have a better view of the budget of people likely to acquire your property. Once this assessment is completed, the temptation is often great to offer 10 to 15% above that amount, saying that after all, if you find a buyer at that price, the better.

And if not, there will be time to review your prices down Serious mistake. “When you put a property on the market, prospective buyers will see the first fifteen days, ensures Sebastien of Lafond. But if not at the right price they do not even call. ” Indeed, people in search of a dwelling normally create alerts to be notified of new ads. If the property is above the price they set for themselves, or they will not even have this alert, or they will see it but wait for a first down. If you quickly readjust your price, you will then perhaps a chance to get their attention.


But, after a period of three weeks or a month, your home will be cataloged in their mind as “property that is not selling” and therefore as well with failure. In this case, if you have a few visits, however, buyers will undoubtedly with the intention to negotiate. And ultimately, in many cases, a good back too much on the market ultimately sells cheaper than the price at which it had initially estimated. This is especially true if you bought another property elsewhere. Seeing the end of the bridge loan arriving, you’ll have only one thing in mind: get rid of your other home at all costs. Ultimately, of course you can offer your property for 5 to 7% above the estimated price. For it must be remembered that the buyers like to negotiate. If you do not appeal within fifteen days, adjust the shot very quickly.