Create a business does not necessarily demand large amounts of money or an office. You’ll notice that there are alternatives that can put useful walk in the short term and without having to move away for a long time for his family.

Making the decision to create a business is not easy, because even if the idea and the desire to do sometimes encounter obstacles such as lack of space and the capital required to advance the project. Yet no easy options in takes is dedication and commitment. here are some ideas:

Handicrafts: If you like and have the ability to make crafts such as home decorating or paint pottery, consider starting a business selling their creations. Just take the picture and quote a price, the products can be promoted on the Internet. This is a way to test your creativity and make money.

Blogger: Successful Bloggers can make money by performing regular articles or columns. You can start your own blog through sites like To host is recommended to find an area of specialization or write about a topic you are passionate about. The more visitors your site has, will have more opportunities to increase their income, since there will be advertisers who advertise on your page.


Counter: If it’s good with numbers and calculations becomes easier for tax payments or make a budget, it’s time to use their skills to make money. You can offer this service to small and do it from home. Require an accounting software and reliable equipment. Also, can attract customers with brochures and sending emails voicing their service.

Tutor : If you have the soul of a teacher and have the gift of teaching, you can become a tutor either at home, in the house students or in libraries. Contact local community groups and schools to see how they could support students who require it. You can also join an online network and tutor students virtually, via the Internet.

Translation : If you speak more than one language fluently can work as a freelance translator. Many companies need papers and documents translated. The important thing is to have fluency in the language and good grammar. It also can give extra lessons to reinforce learning of a language.