When the information facilitates and simplifies the implementation of the enterprise. How to get funding for the creation of a business.

The most difficult obstacle to overcome when undertaking is financing. Most often, the entrepreneur has no capital. This is compounded by the lack of funding sources and the uncertainty of not knowing how to proceed.


Where to look? How much loan request? How to apply, what process do to get the credit? Many questions and brakes are in the middle of the march. He stops, turns back and in the worst paralyzes the process and is not carried out the business plan. Having finance is the engine of the launch of the enterprise.

Entrepreneurs, where to find funding

The closest family and friends. This is the first instance and is resorted to when the capital required is small. It is easily accessible but also creates problems if not set clear guidelines. It is advisable to put the amount in writing, return times and even the interest, if any. Take precautions and be clear will avoid problems later.

Autonomous financing from banks and government institutions

In Argentina, the supply of credit to entrepreneurs has grown and improved performance. To cite some examples:

* Banco de La Nacion Argentina, has its own credit lines and also in partnership with foundations. They organize competitions with prize money to entrepreneurs in design and technology.
* Credicoop, has wide range of offerings for SMBs.
* City Bank, with its motto “I want to see grow,” has a wide variety of funding. It also has an Institute for the strategic development of SMEs.

Yet, paradoxically, less than one third of the SMEs recourse to bank financing. Among the reasons are evident, a high percentage do not need it, costs are high and economic policy changes bring uncertainty to employers.

Investment projects in Argentina funded by the National Bank

Adding to the supply of credit, highlights the Bicentennial production financing Implemented by the Banco de la Nacion Argentina. The investment projects will be evaluated prior to its funding, a unit of analysis, made by the Ministries of Industry and Tourism, Finance, and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

In technology, it promotes a new production model based on goods and services with high technological density. In this context Profiet born, the Program for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Technology Investment under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. To operate the Profiet has three subprograms, which provide different facilities: financing, tax incentives, guidance and investment regulations.

Self-employed, how to access credit through institutions

There is a clear demand in Argentina and society is to create social inclusion on a new base that is to generate quality work. This can only be done by diversifying the economy, ie, including the development of new businesses. This slogan has very clear the other institutions that make it easier for entrepreneurs.

Empretec, a foundation formed by the Banco de la Nacion Argentina, General Confederation of Industry and Industrial Union of Argentina, which was founded in 1988 and is the first internationally where the United Nations installed its comprehensive business skills training (EMPRETEC – UNCTAD). Have access to funding new or young enterprises of no more than two years on the market. The amounts are a minimum of $ 30,000 and a maximum of $ 200,000.

Training, networking and credit facilities are available to an entrepreneur informed. Institutions like Endeavor, Entrepreneur XXI, among many others achieve this goal. Their task has little press, not crowded, but the important thing “that exist.”

Good signs in Argentina’s economy, support for SMEs

The current picture is more encouraging, there is funding for new businesses. SMEs are an important link in economic development. There is support, resources and a promising avenue for bold entrepreneurs, Persistent and committed. “The best ideas, with the best teams get ready to get investors have more chances”Says director Alejandro Mashad Endevor.