10 million euro available for business start-up consisting of not more than 1 year and operating in the Province of Rome.

This money is made available to entrepreneurs from the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and the consortia and are intended to support businesses in start-ups that need financial resources to make investments and the management of the business. In fact, the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs are mostly of a financial nature because often there are no solid collateral requirements for access to bank loans. This type of difficulties met by the guarantee fund of € 10 million made available by the Chamber of Commerce through the banks.

This means that a young entrepreneur has access to bank loans without having the secured assets, because it is the Chamber of Commerce that provides surety thanks to the guarantee fund of 10 million euro for access to credit. Can apply for access to this fund companies “new-born” companies consist of no more than 1 year with these requirements: businesses set up by young people under 36 years of age or by women or immigrants in the legal form of:

a) sole proprietorships
b) partnerships
c) corporation
d) Co-operative Societies


To access the fund security for money to businesses must have its registered office and place of business in the Province of Rome.

Funding may be required to cover:

a) The purchase of fixed assets useful economic activity of the company (for example, in the case of an entrepreneur who has a restaurant costs are considered fixed costs for the purchase of kitchen, crockery, furniture the restaurant and all the necessary equipment to the restaurant)

b) Management fees (with the exception of personnel costs), and these costs can not exceed 30% of the investment plan, which means that if the investment plan for the opening of a restaurant is € 80,000, the expenses covered by the fund can not be higher than € 24,000 (30% of € 80,000)

The duration of the loan varies from 5 years to 10 years and the interest rates on the company are financed EURIBOR / EURIRS or the ECB reference rate plus a spread. The individual companies can apply for funding up to € 30,000 , while companies and cooperative societies can apply for funding of up to 80,000 euro . For funding must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce a business plan is a project which defines:

* The social structure
* The organization: roles and functions
* The product / service or
* The market target, tastes and buying habits of customers, competition
* The investment plan and its funding
* The forecast of operating costs
* The sales forecast