The arrival of a centralized financial reporting allows management control to focus on data analysis, rather than handling. And respond quickly to specific requests from management.

Our company, specializes in the design and manufacture of electric motors and actuators, was part of the Valeo Group and was acquired in late 2006 by the Japanese Nidec. We lost all the management tools and management available to us within Valeo and we had to rebuild this tool. Initially, to oversee the income statement, balance sheet and produce management indicators of performance, we created a structure in Excel. But each change of organization required a lot of work for review, especially as each factory had its own database. Moreover, this solution raises questions of integrity and reliability of data and, by nature, did not propose a real-time view of activity.

Consistency checks to reduce data entry errors

In spring 2009, so we migrated to an integrated financial reporting system and centralized, based on a common repository for all society entities (four plants abroad and registered in France). If the system based on SAP BPC and implemented? CARRYING Micropole by SSII-Universe was not to reduce our closing time already very short (the company has finalized a vision of its results three days after the end of months), it allows controllers to spend more time on data analysis, both performed as expected, and not on the verification and consolidation of data. Our application provides consistency checks and avoiding data entry errors from our users at the factory and to submit their data as if these checks are negative, while in Excel, we had to send emails to ask for verification. The tool can also perform faster ad hoc queries, to respond to requests for management analysis. With a solution that retains all forecasts while we ecrasions some in Excel the gap analyzes are performed just a few clicks. This ability we have earned has also created new demands more precise, more detailed the part of management.


Of course, the solution integrates management functions of user rights now numbering about twenty and provides, through construction, a rise in real-time data. Taking advantage of this transition to a centralized tool, we also reviewed our plan and has introduced new indicators (financial and industrial) refined compared to our needs, which was impossible in a group with many activities such as Valeo. If this solution is indeed the keystone of our financial reporting, the reports themselves are still in Excel, a tool that is adept in the population controllers.

Care leading change

In this type of project, especially in an organization like ours that has seen many tools, support the adoption of a new solution is essential. We have set up training sessions to help users understand the operation of the tool, and a user guide. The ideal is to organize training all users together to share best practices and help them update their work files. Although, in practice, it is evident in a group with teams scattered around the world. We have chosen to manage the transition via a double closing for two months: a solution for teams certainly heavy, but ensures the smooth operation of the new tool and the increasing user skills.