Financial markets at will rise each day bullish or bearish, but there are indicators that serve as clues to figure out the trend.

It’s 9 am and the Spanish financial markets show an opening in the red or green. The difference between the opening bullish and bearish session initially may be due to many factors. And throughout the day many of the assets can correct trend and change direction.
But what these changes depend on the market?


Financial markets can be very volatile in certain situations or data. And there are also more volatile than other markets, such as the Forex or FX market, which reacts immediately to other information. But what types of economic indicators are crucial to the path of financial assets?

Indicators lagging, the actual state of the economy

These indicators reflect the reason the state of an economy. One of the indicators lagging most relevant is the unemployment rate. The impact of this data showed only a few days ago when the Ministry of Employment and Immigration released the unemployment data Spanish March.
The unemployment data were not positive because it reflected an increase of 34,406 unemployed people, 0.8% more than in February. Upon learning the unemployment data early in the morning of Monday, the Dow topped decreases in main European indices cut by 0.59% to 10,677 points.

Indicatoris coincident employment data from the most relevant

Such indicators are consistent with the economic situation of a particular time. One of the heaviest coincident indicators is the result of non-farm payrolls in the United States.As every first Friday of the month, the office of U.S. Labor revealed last Friday this result showing the creation or job loss in North America. Data released were worse than expected: 388,000 jobs requests a month, 8,000 more than expected. These figures are noted in major U.S. indices, the S & P500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq, which opened in negative.

Indicators leading, anticipate future developments in the economy

These indicators serve as clues to what might happen in an economy in the future, thereby serving to analysts and investors to make their predictions about the tendency of markets and their operators in them.

One of the indicators leading most relevant is the data on consumer confidence, published in Spain by the Official Credit Institute (ICO). According to the most recent consumer confidence fell 5.1 points in March. According to the ICO, consumers expect inflation and interest rates rise, so the data confidence fell this month.

To open position in the financial markets is essential to have an understanding of the data revealed by these economic indicators that give an idea of ​​what or how will the situation inside and outside markets.Look at comments made by market analysts or experts to attend courses trading are some of the most widely used to analyze how they will raise tomorrow’s markets and operational exercise.