Thus, the revenue and expenditure in the budget get the right balance, it is important to manage the money, for example, using a household book.

Every household should have control over its finances. It happens all too often that one comes suddenly into a debt trap, not knowing how to be tapped into that. But if one performs a few simple acts of administration, soon no warnings will be more of unpaid bills in the mailbox, the money can sometimes be invested in the finer things in life and you have the complete overview in the over all his financial budget.

Preliminary calculation of the revenue and expenditure budget

Every month is a sum of money by a certain variety of revenue available. This sum is minimized, but quite quickly through the issues. It is important that the proportion of revenue than the share of expenditure. In order to control and certainty about, you take an A4 sheet. On one side write in green ink your earnings. On the other side write down your spending with a red pen. Now draw a long line under the two parts separately and add up to the individual revenues and expenditures. Under each column, a number now stands, if you subtract the sum of the expenditure of the sum of the revenue, you should find a positive number. If this is not the case, you have to cut some spending or cancel altogether.


Collect the receipts for each month

Sometimes it’s hard to say how much money is spent on food, cosmetics and clothing. To calculate this better for future spending, you gather all the temporary receipt. You do this for about three months. The receipts will be canceled for each month separately. Then you add up how much money you spent for example on food for each of the three months. This created a special account, which allows you to measure your spending better in the future.

Household, to keep records

The proceeds are part of a month consistently. But the expenses can also differentiate. For a better overview of the finances, creating a household remedy book. In this book you really write down all expenses including small livestock makes manure! If you have already done a year, the budget book, you can see when browsing, which months of the year claiming more money. An example is the December to drill into the Christmas gifts for the whole family a hole in the pile of money. So you can already take into account that you will give in November to open one or two new sweaters and instead keep the money aside for December.

Setting up standing orders

Regular expenses such as paying the rent, you can enter into a standing order. So you do not always even at the beginning of each month, remember what bills are to remain open. This will get no warnings and are considered on-time payers, with which you do business with.

Money set aside as a buffer

Evacuate because often unpredictable expenses the account is empty, it is essential to save a certain part of the regular income for such cases. You never know what may suddenly come to you. Suddenly, your car has an air conditioning failure, and because it just summer , is highly important for a repair. But the annual accounts of electricity and water you can confront them with an unexpected high amount. For all these events it is good if you look at a small financial buffers built.

Account balance regularly

Check your balance regularly. This is important because, sometimes, even false billing, then you can book it shall recover. It is also necessary because you do not want to get into the red. If it then it will just say you prefer to transfer a few bucks saved from the account. You do not go hand in hand with the risk that you will reach the limit of your overdraft.