The areas of finance are varied although they all relate to the same area: investment money. In this area, you can be a financial analyst, controller, responsible for treasury, wealth manager, market operator, account manager, tax, bank examiner, chief financial officer . In general, these jobs are divided into two sets : those who work on site, which is where the sales and purchases, or in markets where we talk about front-office jobs. Then there are those who instead work behind the offices that are less known, it is called the back office. Financial engineers are in this category. They work for example in the shade but they are the ones that put in place financial products.


The rigor is required, and the organization and a great ability to concentrate. In addition, good interpersonal skills is necessary, especially if it’s a business in direct contact with customers. Depending on the functions, salaries range from beginners to EUR 25 600 EUR 60 000, and reach 100,000 euros for the more experienced. At these wages are often added bonuses depending on the quality of work performed, the number of contracts with successful . But whether in banking, insurance or finance departments of any structure, opportunities abound.

Careers in finance in a company

In a company, there is first the treasurer, the finance department, handles all incoming and outgoing money. The accounts are under its responsibility and sometimes it makes investments. The book, meanwhile, records all cash flows of the company and develops tools that help better manage these flows, such as payroll. The data gathered will establish the finances of a business and also contribute to decision making. An important quality of this trade is resistance to stress because when you must make an assessment, the pressure is considerable. One can also find a controller in the finance department of a structure. Its role is to gather and synthesize its financial and economic data in dashboards. The business tax is also important because it is responsible for all matters relating to tax and advises on what to do in relation to the tax results to improve sales.

Careers in finance customer-oriented

The account managers are in high demand and are divided into two categories: those who work with individuals and those working with professionals. In the first case, they serve clients’ portfolios on behalf of their agency and offer them attractive to investment. In the second case, they work under a contract with a client based on their area of ​​work and projects. The asset manager, in turn, guide specific individuals to increase the value of all property. For this business, experience in the banking sector is much appreciated. For larger markets, it often involves an advisor merger and acquisition. It monitors the markets to detect interesting projects if they are validated, he and his team organize all transfers of money to be made. In a bank, the first business in connection with the customer is the home agent. It informs the customer of new products of the financial institution, the Council and is responsible for banking related.