Enjoy not only a financial boost, but also good advice from a specialist warned, that’s rather appealing. business angles, physiques part personnel potentiel. And this is offered by the business angles, natural persons (Contractor work or retired, lawyer, accountant, etc.). That invest part of their personal assets in a company with potential In return, they receive compensation based on the added value of the shares they sell it at the end of the collaboration.

Perfect your “executive summary”, in other words the summary of your project, to be short, concise and realistic.Your case has attracted the attention of business angels? pour 30 minutes environ. You will then be invited for an interview about 30 minutes. aux questions You will answer questions from potential investors. humble. Prepare yourself and be humble. Le business angel est plus The business angel is more than a banker is a partner who can advise you, so stay tuned.


You will need first, canvass business angel networks in your area or your industry. You will need to present an “executive summary”. pages maximum, business plan ans, structure, marché etc. This is a summary of the proposed ten pages, which you return to your business plan drawn up over five years, the management team structure, market figures coveted, and so on. simple techniques, Benjamin opérations Angels.arrive experts Of the project is considered solid and that your case has attracted the attention of the network, you will be scheduled for a plenary session during which you will have thirty minutes to answer questions from investors with an interest in the project.

To better prepare yourself ahead in this great oral, practice to explain to people outside the project, such as relatives. points They highlight the obscure points of your speech. Be a teacher. technique. Especially if you have a highly technical project.certains business angels questions, cause points business. It may be that some business angels ask you questions, or call into question certain aspects of your business.

A business angel is not content to make money. En plus son son en en son In addition to funding, provides support to the Contractor with advice and sharing expertise.