Thousands of people are reluctant to seek ways to generate income online, because beliefs and certain disadvantages that exist.

Internet today is a complete tool, as it serves to find information, communicate with loved ones, doing homework, business and even things labeled as illegal and bad in society. The use of the Internet has also had a great evolution and ingenious minds because today you can do tasks that were once manual and makes life easier for the people who use it.

Now make money online is very possible, either by having a company, virtual business or working for someone else via online. There is an irrational fear on the part of many people and a complete resistance to Internet business, due to rumors, there are trends today and prevent people dare for fear of losing everything or terminate disillusioned.


They think, “Why start a virtual company, if it can be physical?”, this is more common in people who are not attached to technology and want to stay that way, believing that learning is a waste of time.The fact also invest in something riskier sounds on the Internet and that is why people are reluctant to do so because they believe they will lose everything.


When seeking a page or company that can provide services, there are also doubts, since there are many sites where you have to give a down payment in order to participate in them and start generating money, which raises doubts about whether it is something serious or not. Then there are those companies in which you can participate, providing with knowledge, talent or anything, but the gains are minimal, they require some time and dedication to see results, which discourages people and choose to depart.

The position of those

When a person is talking about making money online, in most cases this person believes that this is easy money without investment, without effort, among others, in short creates a false expectation, but bumping the harsh reality, begins to notice that making money online takes time, patience and dedication as any other economic activity and to see that this does not meet your expectations, simply choose to put it aside and label it as fraud, deceit or falsehood.

The fact consider paying an amount and then start winning, it is also rejected by the people, so that Internet companies operating in this way are rejected and labeled as deceptive, since they have already been cases of fraud and deception the user. It is a common trend that when searching for a source of income, it is intended that this source is significant as it is not what is expected, come the disappointments, the regrets and surrenders.

The position of the companies and websites

The virtual companies do not normally require both personal contract, so that not a blank about jobs.However, some sites offer the user a compensation for their kind contribution, either with money, services or both. The people who run the pages where you have to give a down payment to enroll may not notice if someone is looking to make money because he needs and will be very difficult for the person chooses to make that quota, that suggests “I ask money to give me money ” and is suspicious, not to mention having the compensation promised, this is often not expected by the user.

Those pages that do not ask for economic cooperation, but also offer the opportunity to showcase the talents of a person and earn money for it, usually pay little, but by the fact that in that business can only get away with a lot of patience and a lot of work. it is not a fast track to success, but if you can persevere achieve. Perhaps both positions have a point, but what is clear is that something has to change for Internet business more profitable and people trust them a little more.