The last to use this strategy are the banks that use sport to unite advertise their deposits or their profitability to the results of championships.

Many companies use to promote their products to major fashion figures and characters according to their skill, ability, success or fame achieved in the field that have been released. The last to join this trend are the banks that have found the perfect sport to attract claim your audience. There are already several organizations that have used this option more attractive and attract deposits and liquidity.


Pau Gasol, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola and Marc Marquez

Banco Popular offers Deposit Gasol, who uses the name Pau Gasol, to promote a 12-month deposit paid 4% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The nominal rate is 10% the first month and 3.38% the next 11 months. It is the only bank that has chosen to use an athlete’s image to promote your deposit. Cristiano Ronaldo the claim is chosen by Banco Espirito Santo to promote your deposit to 24 months. The organization offers a 4.84% APR for a minimum investment of 25,000 euros.

For its part, Banco Sabadell has launched a structured repository, the Repository Double treble, which combines a 4% return on fixed term for seven months with a 36-month variable compensation that is tied to the evolution of the Ibex 35.In addition, the bank, which used the image of Pep Guardiola, specifies that anyone who hires this deposit will extra pay over 50% of capital invested will depend on the number of titles won by the Barcelona Football Club or Real Madrid, depending on which team you choose.But banks have not only turned to basketball and sport, motorcycling is also one of the strategies used. So CatalunyaCaixa offers its winner Marc Márquez deposit that occurs from 2.50% to 4% APR.

Using celebrities in advertising increases sales

The use of this technique in advertising is not new. For a company use celebrities in advertising campaigns has many advantages, the association of values ​​representing a character known to the public with the mark to a faster recognition of the advertised product.According to experts, the use of celebrities in an ad makes the audience is willing to pay up to 20% more for the same item, depending on who is the present and offers a great deal of meaning personality and lifestyle an anonymous model can not provide the same way. The famous reference becomes a consumer, who aspires to be and look like.

A famous one is able to increase the price of a product

Studies show that a celebrity can raise the price of advertising, when it comes to products suitable for gifts and look good and among university students. The character increases the price indirectly through the observed qualities of the famous and the qualities it conveys the product it advertises. It also increases the price directly by the mere fact of being famous.

Among men, the price increase is famous direct and indirect 8% to 11%. Therefore, the total value contributed by the famous among young men is a price increase of just over 19%.Among women, the direct effect of price increases famous by 5.4% and just over 8% in its indirect effect. Consequently, the total value contributed by the famous among young women is a price increase of just over 13.4%.

These studies are very important, for companies that are interested in promoting your product and your brand associated with a celebrity who can help increase sales and noted that the company is identified with the success and fame. This can generate large benefits, depending on the type, content, advertising, the message you want to give.