A form of international cooperation that gaining weight in times of economic crisis and creeks in some sectors of society.

Who has not wondered at some point which will be the profits of large companies that manage to sell items with very competitive prices?. From which these products are easily identifiable, as is information that appears on the labels but what is its real value, in which conditions is the exchange and whether or not respecting the people involved in the process, raises in many cases a moral dilemma.

Nobody would buy a shirt, bag or a simple orange label if the product is clearly specified that it was produced or packaged by children working in conditions akin to slavery. Similarly, the horror would trap many who had sufficient grounds to believe that tomatoes deposited into your shopping cart have been collected near a nuclear plant.


For these and other reasons arising Fair Trade, or as it is known in English: Fair Trade . This type of exchange system is an alternative to the conventional model of international trade and its main objective is to ensure the development of peoples, ensure the rights of workers, protect children and allow equality between men and women. At the same time and together with current environmentalist citizen has the option of choosing to drink responsibly with the environment and the rest of the people promoting global sustainable production.

The network of Fair Trade

Often thought that companies associated with this network are mostly supportive NGOs and not without reason. When did these first stores were mostly small stores that sold crafts cataloged with the Fair Trade label. Today many companies involved in the process and some ice cream known as the Ben & Jerry’s , Body Shop , Mocay , Starbucks , and many other organizations whose suppliers are in this international network of Fair Trade.

It is always important to always identify the seal or label , which is the guarantee that what you are buying meets the characteristics that allow it to be within this new type of responsible consumption. Thanks to the Internet can easily identify and locate which stores are available in every European city and also that companies collaborate to make this form of exchange is possible.

Consumption in the present

Surprisingly, at a time so troubled, from the point of view, as the present one can speak of positive data on this system, which not only takes into account the quality of the product but how it was obtained . According to information published by Fair trade Spain in the news section of its website, the consumption of these products in this country has been increasing in recent years. Only in 2010 was allocated to this sector and 14.9 million euros, which represents an increase of 82.5% over the previous year. The products that have been requested have been the coffee , sugar cane and cacao, almost all products from South America or Africa. And most of the distribution centers are the major hotel chains and restaurants.