Working abroad can present itself as a new career opportunity for the French. The professional abroad can indeed lead many people to discover new professional orientations and tasks of greater responsibility, bringing their career to the top. However, work abroad also presents many risks, especially in the different conditions of social security. It is therefore important that anyone wishing to work as expatriates familiar with the social security system and meets the different requirements for benefit.


The French, who are working abroad as well as those working in the country, are entitled to coverage for all events they may encounter in their daily lives. The largest share of this coverage is certainly health insurance coverage for expenses of the worker in case of illness. In the current system, social security differs according to whether national worker or worker abroad. Special rules are identified and for the French who have their jobs to foreign countries.

The status of the French working abroad

As with other French workers, who are stationed abroad can benefit from social security system for their needs. Systems differ, however, depending on the category of the worker and the length of time he exercises his employment abroad. The first categorization of workers abroad is different depending on whether they are employed or workers liberals. Indeed, the insurance system and social security is different depending on the worker’s status. Second, foreign workers are categorized posted workers and expatriate workers. Posted workers include those who are temporarily assigned to posts abroad by their employers. They can be considered as detached for a period of three years. The second is that of expatriate status and for many French workers abroad. These have a special system of social security which is highly variable and may be dependent on the country where they carry on their work or be attached to the French system. Also note that the expatriate status is not limited in time and that all French people who work outside the country can benefit.

Expatriate Insurance

In addition expatriate insurance is a system that covers all the workings of social security paid to the French working as expatriates. Expatriate insurance is linked to the French social security. Thanks to insurance expatriate workers abroad can enjoy the same conditions of coverage as resident workers. The link with the Social Security and National Insurance System Fund is the expatriate French nationals abroad that allows expatriates to join the French social security system in all its elements such as health insurance, maternity, disability, death, work accidents and occupational diseases. By adopting this system, an expatriate has the same benefits that a worker resident.

However, the application of the system depends on expatriate insurance coverage agreements between France and the country as well as specific provisions of social security. Workers who want to benefit from insurance expatriate must pay social security contributions to the Fund for French abroad. Discounts may be applied to the amount of the payroll tax depending on the specifics of the insurance and the conditions of the worker. Once it has entered into with the Fund for French nationals abroad, the worker may to the extent of its commitments, benefit from health insurance and maternity in the same manner as if he worked in France.

It is the same for insurance against disability and accidents, to the extent that it has subscribed to these hedges. Similarly, the system of life insurance that allows the family to be awarded a quarter of the annual contribution is also effective. Finally, if returned to France, there are specific conditions that allow the worker to always maintain coverage. As it is temporarily in the country or return there permanently, the subscription to the Fund for French overseas can enable fail over to the social security system national standard.