The U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has decided to install its macro project Eurovegas in the capital. But what are the consequences for Madrid?

What is Eurovegas

This is a gaming and entertainment complex, the owner of the Las Vegas Sands group, intends to install in the Community of Madrid. The cornerstone will be a casino from which all create a complex of hotels, resorts and golf courses, theaters, stages, more casinos and slot machines.

Conditions to locate Eurovegas

But like any investment requires conditions, Sheldon Adelson also requires the Spanish Government, a number of advantages that are important changes in legislation both labor and immigration attorney. These are changes that divide the body of citizens, as the benefits provided to the Las Vegas Sands group, are undoubted detriment of other entrepreneurs who also want to enjoy these benefits because they represent significant benefits for all. Some of these conditions include:


* The total exemption from municipal taxes, regional and state
* The two-year exemption from paying taxes on their Social Security employees
* The amendment of the Statute of Workers, to eliminate the regulation of employee agreements
* Permission to enter minors in casinos
* Permission to enter legally recognized gamblers
* Removal of legislation relating to snuff
* Legal privileges to hire foreigners
* Streamlining of granting work permits to foreigners
* The transfer of public land needed, whether changes in location or expropriations
* Absolute exclusivity for ten years in the land use
* Legislative changes in the prevention of money laundering
* Relaxing checks
* The construction of all infrastructures that are required, or complements existing ones.

Consequences of the location of Eurovegas

The creation of this macro in the Community of Madrid, represents an obvious growth opportunity in employment and tourism to Madrid and Spain. But at what price? The free entry of minors and problem gamblers, is a serious public health problem. It is vulnerable sectors of society to be protected and fulfilled those requests, not only forsake them but it also puts them at serious risk.

Privileges for hiring foreigners can encourage mass arrival, to the detriment of Spanish workers, whose situation is far more critical. The modification of the Statute of Workers , seriously jeopardizes the rights that has meant so much effort to get them. The exemption from paying taxes to the State and Social Security, after early years is an injustice to Spanish entrepreneurs who see only obstacles and constraints and therefore, can not move forward with their own projects and business initiatives.

In current times, the arrival of any business project, is synonymous with jobs and tourism, and therefore, the benefits are undeniable. But as with any investment, there is also its downside, which is a reversal of the rights of workers, plus endanger the most vulnerable sectors of society. It is the opportunity cost for the implementation of a project that will always have supporters and detractors. Because there is no one size fits all.