Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is considering where to install your project in Barcelona or Madrid.

One of the biggest fortunes in the world, the U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has visited Spain to negotiate these days in which to install a leisure macrocomplex initially Eurovegas would be called. This project, to remind the city of Las Vegas could be created in Madrid or Barcelona and according to himself, expects to earn “tens of billions of dollars within the next four or five years” .


Spectacular investment

This Adelson said in an interview to Forbes magazine also add that thinks it has reached an agreement with the government to carry out this dramatic turnaround, but will not say until the summer months where they finally made ​​this macrocomplex. This past Tuesday, Sheldon Adelson met with President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Artur Mas, in addition to the Minister for Economy, Andreu Mas-Colell and the Minister of Land, Lluís Recoder. The Catalan government would be very interested in this project as stated by the president. But he was also accompanied, as reported by La Vanguardia, by three prominent Catalan businessmen com Isak Andic, President of Mango, Marc Puig, president of Puig, Carles Vilarrubí, vice president of investment bank Rothschild in Spain.

Esperanza Aguirre hopes the project will go to Madrid

The president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre , said this Tuesday that he knew Adelson visited Catalonia, but recalled that in the last six years the mogul has met with her ​​”more than five times” to the final destination was Madrid its leisure project in Europe. The president himself has admitted this past Catalan Wednesday are at a disadvantage with respect to the project in Madrid. But he also said it would be a project to “make Barcelona and Catalonia in the main tour leader throughout Europe.” At first the Catalan government has proposed four areas where you could install this macrocomplex: in El Prat de Llobregat, Montcada i Reixac , some land in Bellaterra and Gava, Viladecans and Abrera. It appears that Viladecans would be more appreciated. According to Mas, the work of his government is “draw all possible productive investment, whether foreign, Spanish and Catalan” and thanked Alicia Sanchez-Camacho, head of the Catalan PP, their collaboration.

Moreover, the Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid, Percival Manglano, has indicated that negotiations to install the complex could be closed soon. The Madrid has more than two years negotiating with the company Las Vegas Sands and the Madrid government is also very interested in it. The mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, has also given its full support for this project. This leisure macrocomplex foresees an investment of more than 15,000 million euros and estimates would employ over 200,000 people. In addition to casinos , theaters offer this resort centers, entertainment , sports, and organized conferences and conventions.

Tax breaks and labor

In both cases, both the Catalan and Madrid, there is a problem. For the construction of the great city of leisure and conferences, the employer Adelson has requested changes to standards and regional state level. Among their demands to invest 16,500 million euros in the next 15 years are to relax the labor laws (laxer collective agreements) and tax.

Adelson reportedly asked that it be given two years’ exemption from social security contributions and taxes regional and municipal, that minors and compulsive gamblers from entering the casinos and within these facilities could smoke. In the Madrid case would have been asked to move the dump Valdemingomez.
The Catalan government offered to make a law like that has been in recent years between Vila-seca and Salou to Port Aventura. But in times of crisis, the two governments would be very interested in this investment. According to Adelson, the idea is to build on the European continent “the equivalent of half the ‘Strip’ (avenue) in Las Vegas we could not do in Macao.” In summer we know will be built.