That of European funding is an area still largely unknown which contains within itself a great chance not only for social projects regularly maintained and done but also for so-called SME (small and medium enterprises ) which require a credit , even considerable, for revive the company and continue their work.These funds , of course granted to small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe, are provided by three key groups: the EIB (European Investment Bank), the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the FEI (Fund European Investment Bank).

Thanks to EU funding will be able to apply for funding grants for businesses but also for individuals who decide to become business by opening their business in a specific sector, the interest for companies that require a facility to access to bank credit, tax credit to offset debt and reduce taxes payable (especially the tax return) and subsidized loans provided by local authorities also part of the European Community. European funds are also excellent opportunities for all companies and institutions that have a mission of high impact and innovative technology. In this case you will need to participate in a particular tender where the best projects will be funded grant, without having to repay the loan obtained.


But how to get a loan for your business or the European project? The network , in this case, is to help people with a range of sites from which to download practical guides, notices and all relevant information to search for your type of loan and request it directly online through the forms made available for interested parties. Among the sites include most accredited , website on funding for research and development, funding where to find all the information necessary for lending to small and medium-sized enterprises and require the help of specialists in the field and target Europe. it , detailed website with all European competitions open , financial programs and the latest news on EU funding.