Status of the EUR / USD Current and indicators and events that influence the currency pair.

The Euro continues to strengthen against the U.S. Dollar, trading at $ 1.3149 at the opening of the day today. Let’s see what caused the upward trend of the EUR / USD during the morning.


Bond sale in Spain

Yesterday, investor sentiment improved after Spain sell its bonds to three and six months, which drastically reduced its profitability and the market has made it easy to wake up today and rising.
The yield on three-month bonds was reduced to 1735% compared to 5.11% in November. As for the six months bond yield fell to 2.435% from 5.227% last month.

The business climate in Germany increases

Germany also posted positive information yesterday due in particular to the results of the index of IFO business climate, which rose to 107.2 in December from 106.6 in November.”The German economy appears to be successful in combating the crisis in Western Europe,” said Hans-Werner Sinn yesterday, president of the IFO. This is the second month that the index sequentially improving, due in part to expectations of traders before sales ahead of Christmas.

ECB Liquidity hand

For the first time ever today, the European Central Bank is providing loans to banks three years to a 1% interest. It is expected that demand is high for these loans and to encourage banks to lend more to businesses and consumers to implement the European Union economies.

Correction of the Dollar

The U.S. dollar continued its downward correction after data released yesterday on the American economy. And is that the data were presented yesterday for housing which increased 9.3% to 685,000 homes thus created in November from 627,000 in October.

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