Here we go again: when it comes to having to deal with numbers, often goes haywire. Not to mention when the numbers have to do with the different currencies in the world! It was hard enough for everyone to adapt to the new currency only in the euro zone that now, in addition to the classic 1936.27 lire that give us, converted, just a one euro coin, we know not to go. Imagine if the problem is not the conversion Pound – Euro, now allotrope unusual, but the Euro – U.S. Dollar or Euro, Yen, Dollar, Pound and so on.

Fortunately, in this case, the Web can help us if we need to know how much a Euro is worth in another country or continent. To be of considerable help are definitely those sites that have a table that is already loaded with all the available currency and the amount in Euro updated according to the foreign exchange bank.


Among the Web sites to report we can not forget the Italian version, a portal through which to know very quickly what it’s worth one euro or a dollar in all currencies in the world. Thanks to the practice table at home, in fact, real-time control change Euro Dollar and all the variations on other world currencies will be easy. Born to facilitate the operations of global trade, the site gives the opportunity to its users to also use a special form designed to quickly convert any amount in any currency exists.

The form, a little further down from the table, requires the inclusion of an amount to be converted in the left part of the screen. In the central part, however, the user is prompted as to which currency to convert while in the last box, the one on the far right, just press “Convert” to give to the sending procedure and know in an instant what is the amount correct after the conversion .