From space planning to the individual awareness of employees, customer culture as a whole. The entrepreneur must then act as a conductor to develop this concept in its employees. Overview of good practice.

A surly assistant causes irritation of his interlocutors? An unscrupulous driver for whom the end of the day is more important than the smooth running of its tours?Or an accountant, professional excellence, but to respond with a smile that the customer is not usual? All these cases live in companies, including SMEs.Deemed close to their partners because of their small size, small structures may yet be very far from a real customer-oriented culture.Culture is the art of customer to serve the customer regardless of the position held in the company to meet its needs and better,defines editor of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management).the customer shared culture becomes even more important as competitive issues are strong and need to retain customers, to gain profitability.In other words, SMEs can not afford to excel only in production, they must put their customers at the heart of their strategy.

customer culture

Empower all teams

The creation of a culture customer must be a core value, beginning the creation of the company. But over time, the lens may be diluted in the newspaper.for example. “The entrepreneur, promoter and guarantor of the customer culture, must be alert and rectify the situation, First step: to flatten the functioning of the company between them, to improve your internal processes to better address externally.A company whose organization is chaotic is unlikely to be effective vis- à-vis the outside,The switchboard, the librarian, the technician, in short, all employees, regardless of their roles and their service, have contacts within the company and be successful in their mission and meet deadlines.Induce meetings and discussions around the concept of service and “internal customer” to activate awareness.

Once the internal situation clarified, discuss the approach of the company vis-à-vis the outside.You have to get employees to understand how their daily impact on customer relations, so as to bring awareness and identify areas for improvement,Your librarian thought to have little impact on the client? Yet thanks to his help in assembling the technical files as they are presented, clean and on time, every prospect or customer.

Place employees deal with customers

When an employee needs a crop on its way to be, I asked about its own expectations as a customer.He acknowledges he does not like easy to deal with an unpleasant selling or be fired over the phone.The important thing is to induce empathy and understanding of the importance of the service.You can also put employees in direct contact with customers on occasion: open house, shows, etc.When we take a stand at a trade fair, it is not unusual for a technical manager or an assistant typically little contact with the customer being present,The client’s reactions and expectations thus become a reality.To stay on track throughout the year, be sure to set specific goals for your employees. Each employee can have one of these objectives related to customer satisfaction, for example the rate of return SAV, speed processing requests for information,