Bad news. Statements hiring fell 4.7% in the second quarter of 2012. These figures released by ACOSS, concerning contracts of less than a month out interim.

It is a poor indicator of more employment. The decline in the number of hires has been declining for three quarters. For the second quarter of 2012, reports of new hires for contracts over a month were down 4.7% in one year. Over one year, the decline is 7.9%. The decline from one quarter to another is very pronounced in firms with more than 20 employees (7.7%) while small businesses are experiencing “very moderate reduction” (0.6%).

In companies with fewer than 10 employees in particular, hiring in CSD have exceptionally advanced 8.3%, probably due to the device “zero charge” applies until July 17 to recruitment of young people under 26 years in all these small businesses. Overall, the rate of decline for both dual CDI (-6%) than for CDD over a month (3.6%). However, the use of shorter CSD increases (+1.4%). The reduction applies to all sectors but it is more evident in the industry (-6%) and tertiary (-5.6%) than in construction (1.5%). On June alone, the statements have increased slightly (1.3%) over one year but the trend remains deteriorated (7.6%).


Increased time

The agency also notes a deterioration in indicators of financial health: applications of time to pay payroll taxes continue to rise (+29% yoy) and the default rate increased in late June (0, 31 pt over three months) in companies with Monthly Urssaf (more than 9 employees). Another sign of trend deteriorated, temporary employment continues to decline (7.2% over three months), according to figures arrested in May, with one month lag.

The collection agency also publishes the number of overtime Monthly companies, with one month lag again. They fell in May (4.9% yoy), but the ACOSS mainly due to the fact that May had 3 more working days in 2011 than in 2012. Finally, the number of bankruptcy affecting business declines in the second quarter 2012: 7.8% over three months for legal redress, 4.1% for liquidations. The number of backup procedures are not submitted in three months, but over one year is up 16%.